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    Study group to share the knowledge of our Vedic classes. Explore and research on Hinduism and the Vedas.
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    This group is for all who participated in The First Samadhi Retreat 2011, to share your learnings, insights and awakenings. Instruction: Create a topic to post your notes / insights / reports. For each day please use a separate message / reply (using t...  more
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    Participating in Master's Work
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    4th November 2011: " The Art of Healing Oneself "
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    Related Scientific Research in regards to the Teachings of Dhyan Vimal
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    Art Travel Diaries, using portable supplies that can easily fit into a purse or pocket. Let's share our drawings and paintings from all corners of the globe and of every possible subject matter online.
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    This group gives all participants a space to share notes, insights, questions etc, with eachohter.
    Some one else could of heard what you need to know today! post your notes and your love,
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    A place where we all can share our favorites recipes for daily living and optimizing our health!
    A place where we can post the wisdom of eating healthy and in-taking back the light in our bodies.
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    Discussion board for JATHROPHA as the new source of green energy for cleaner and better world.
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    This group is meant for all motor car racing enthusiast, who are keen to get themselves involved with the sport,technology and other related factors.- Since the group is new here you may have further view from my original page @  more